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The World of Aihbien.

A Quick Note.

Aihbien is the largest and richest country in the island continent of Orncharico in the world of Gesta. The country is entirely under rule by one monarchy, King Harlan Taleigh the 3rd, who stays in the Royal Palace in the capitol city, Gloadkin.

The majority of life forms are Human, with Elves a close second, though being such a large country, there contains much variation of people and life styles. To the north east are large, snowy mountains leading towards the northern country of Icendine. To the west lies a vast desert that is so great, no one is sure what is on the other side. There is an equally vast forest in the south west, and great plains all across the south east that lead to the waste land country of Mehksan. All these different terrains give the country a large selection of different humanoid residences.

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